PTSI Act 2022

The PSTI Act was officially signed into law in 2022, and the full PSTI Regulations will go into full effect on April 29, 2024. The new regulation marks a new era for cybersecurity in the UK, as it mandates the creation of new minimum security requirements that manufacturers, importers, and distributors of consumer connectable products must comply with.

Audio Pro are committed to ensuring our products are fully compliant.

We, 'Audio Pro AB,' declare compliance to the applicable security requirements in Schedule 1of PSTI Act 2022.

Conformity of the product is according to the standard: ETSI EN 303 645 V2.2.1 (2020- 06) and exclusively:
5.1-2) Passwords:
- does not apply to our products since we do not use passwords.

5.2-1) Information on how to report security issues:
- Please contact the below email address for any security issues:

5.3-13) Information on minimum security update periods:
- Please contact the below email address for any questions around security update periods:

For any further information or questions relating to our products and this legislation, please contact us via the bolo email address: