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Audio Pro Multiroom – AirPlay2 – Chromecast

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Over 40 Years of Audio Excellence

Sound of Scandinavia

Founded in 1978, Audio Pro merges Swedish design and powerful audio, elevating both homes and businesses with unmatched sound.

It might be simple, but it has proved extremely effective, as numerous What Hi-Fi? Awards shows. - C5
Audio Pro is in the highly favourable position of having produced one of our favourite wireless speakers in the Addon C10. In the three years since its arrival, it has won three consecutive What Hi-Fi? Awards in its price category. - C10
But get it playing and you're reminded this is an Audio Pro product. The Drumfire is scorchingly good. - Drumfire
The Swedish manufacturer now has a cabinet full of What Hi-Fi? Awards for its T and C ranges of wireless speakers – its boombox-style cabinets with the iconic Mickey Mouse driver array have dominated a saturated market for years. - A10
A class-leading speaker with Alexa is a winning combination - C5A
Product of the Year, Awards 2015. This excellent wireless speaker is difficult to fault - it sounds great and carries a tempting price tag... - T3

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C5A - Our Amazon Alexa compatible model

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Multiple Playback Options

Enjoy MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC playback effotlessly via Bluetooth

Amazon Alexa Voice control

Alexa gives you full control over your smart home and speaker.

Audio Pro Multiroom

Multiroom sound and multi-person usage. Group and play. Play all together. Or not. You choose.


Click – Hold – Save your favourite playlists, radio stations and more for super easy access.

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