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✓ Audio Pro Multi-room speaker
✓ Bluetooth

The Addon C3 is a wireless multi-room speaker that delivers high-quality sound in a compact package. It is available in black, grey, and white textured finishes with embossed leather carrying handles and aluminium control panels.
The speaker is battery-powered, making it portable and easy to carry around. The battery life of the speaker is up to 15 hours on half volume and 9 hours on full volume.

Color: Black

Multiroom speaker with battery

Carry around multiroom sound.


Product category - Home
Product type - Speaker
Description - Wireless multiroom speaker
Product available in colour (s) - Black, Grey, White

Audio Pro Multiroom

Multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play. Play all together. Or not. You choose.

Long battery life.

15 hours on half volume and 9 on full.


Click – Hold – Save your favorite playlists, radio stations and more for super easy access.

Customer Reviews

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Great little device

The C3 is good quality, sturdy, easy to carry around, and packs a good sound for the size and power (good for a bedroom, small/medium kitchen etc). My only criticism would be that the buttons are quite small and hard to view (even in daylight) - you just need to remember which is which.

I connect to radio and Tidal, and that's all fine through the app, which is basic but does the job. Shame no Tidal Connect. However, the price of the C3, not much beyond £100, is exceptionally competitive for what you're getting. It looks great too with a cute 'koala bear' front face ;-)


Fast delivery, great price!

Superb Sound

So pleased with this little speaker. My main system is Naim and B&W and have a few other Bluetooth speakers included JBL and Bose. I wanted a speaker that I could use in the bedroom and garden that had a proper HiFi sound. This has fulfilled that brief, making the Bose redundant and the JBL for holidays only. The C3 is not really meant to be packed in a backpack or suitcase. The app works perfectly using Spotify Connect via WiFi and instantly connects on Bluetooth. Great that you can use the app to control bass and treble if required. Love the look of it and the build quality is superb. I charged it fully and have honestly not plugged it in over the last 2 weeks. It's been used quite regularly in the bedroom and garden and is still going strong. The sound is really clear and precise and lacking the upper bass boost some manufacturers engineer in to create a false impression of strong bass. You can here different bass notes unlike most other portable speakers I've had. It hasn't got the best stereo separation but it is definitely stereo and not mono out of the two tweeters. I am absolutely smitten with this little box.

Accurate reproduction

Over the last year I have listened to many bluetooth speakers and this one has the most accurate sound reproduction.
Others can initially sound better with their extra bass or spatial tweeters, but longer listening sessions demonstrate that those with enhanced sound will play some songs better and some worse.

For consistent and accurate reproduction this performs the best.

As an audiophile I have some good gear, previously owned a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 50's, current speakers are hand made DIY speakers, built to match the Dynaudio Confidence 30.

I have owned and listened to a JBL Charge 5, in comparison this had more bass, similar mids and a lack of highs. The bass however was often very boomy on songs which didn't need or have that much bass.
Also owned and listened to the Soundcore Motion X600. This was an intersting one as the additional spatial speaker added some great highs. The soundstage on this speaker is amazing, producing many sounds outside of the speaker itself. However while on some tunes some specific aspects sounded better, on most tunes it inaccurately reduced some sounds. A good example was Eric Claption unplugged, the piano solo took on an ethereal sound coming from 30cm left of the speaker and floating beautifully in the air. However this was done at the cost of reducing the bass guitar and percussion instruments.
Further on the x600 there were many vocals which just sounded awful.

Have also listened to the Bogasing S8, Bose Soundlink Flex, Tribi Xsound go, Notabrick and a few other lesser known ones.

In addition to the accurate sound reproduction the speaker has a good battery life, around 6-7 hours when played at full volume, longer obviously at moderate volumes.

When turned up to the max volume, it has no discernible distortion and zero distortion when played below the max.

Of course nothing is perfect, if I could tweak this speaker I would add an additional super-tweeter, potentially angle the full range drivers outwards to widen the soundstage and include a full graphic equalizer in the app.

Paul Barnes
Excellent speaker.

Bought this one to match up in stereo to one purchased a few years ago-Love the sound, quality of materials and the battery to make them mobile.