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The SW-5 is a powerful wired subwoofer designed to perfect your home entertainment system. It delivers deep bass that will blow you away, making it ideal for music and movie lovers.
The subwoofer is compatible with Audio Pro stereo speakers, such as the A26 and A36 models.
The SW-5 features an 8" long throw woofer and two 9" passive radiators.

Color: Black

Powered sub woofer

The basic SUB for excellent performance.


Product category - Home
Product type - Sub woofer
Product available in colour (s) - Black, White

Clean and modern design.

Keep it simple. It may look discrete, but the per-formance is something else.

Customer Reviews

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W R Mason
Most dependable and consistent Sub.

Audio-pro is excellent - I have Two SW-5's in the lounge to back up the 65" Sony TV for movies and a third in my Home studio. The subs are totally consistent in being really easy to setup and perform well always. At £250 direct from audio-pro they are a real bargain. Audio pro audio kit generally has the best performance and consistent tonality across their models.

James R.

My trusty ole Audio pro Ace Bass B1-45 stopped working after 30 years. I went to see if you had any tech support and saw that I could buy a brand new SW-5 for 200 bucks so I bought one. It works great with my lil Pyramid Metronome 7 speakers. In fact I’m going to buy a second unit to balance out the sound and add more bass. My only gripe is that the setup guide has NO information on setting up a subwoofer. Granted it’s a very simple device. But I was hooking it up to an older receiver and had lots of questions. I ended up figuring it out myself with some internet searches. Audio pro really needs to provide better setup information even if I have to go online to get it.