T3+ Peter Eugen

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✓ Battery Powered
✓ Bluetooth
The Addon T3 Peter Eugen is a portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers a sleek design and magical audio experience.
The speaker supports various sound formats such as Apple lossless, MP3, WMA, and FLAC1. It also has an AUX 3.5 mm input and Bluetooth connectivity.
The Addon T3 offers a long battery life of up to 30 hours on half volume and 12 hours on full volume. It can be charged via USB and is perfect for on-the-go use.

Bluetooth speaker with battery

Limited edition. Portable & wireless magic.


Product category - Home
Product available in colour (s) - Sand
Product type - Speaker

Looong battery life.

30 hours on half volume, 12 hours on full.

Bring it.

Just grab it and go.

Customer Reviews

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Erlend Clouston
Lovely piece of kit

Seductive combination of retro-chic and high-quality audio. And I had never heard of the company until a week ago.